Can you make it out alive?

Sacrifices may have to be made.


two of five keys

Escape rate


Age suggestion



Spirits / Ghosts

Num. of players


Num. of puzzles


It’s the year 1930. You are traveling West via the Transcontinental Railroad. A winter storm has set in and the harsh blizzard conditions are relentless, blocking the tracks, and your travel, until morning. You must spend the night in Truckee’s only Hotel. You arrive at the Hotel, only to find it completely booked, with the exception of one room.  Room 1512.

The caretaker warns you that the room is haunted. Guests of room 1512 have gone missing, never checking out and never to be seen again. He pleads with you to move on to another town to find shelter elsewhere. It is late, and you are exhausted. Not one to believe in ghost stories, you book room 1512.  As the caretaker hands you the key, he says a prayer under his breath as he points you to the room…